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Consultation with an astrologer is the correct prediction of the future and analysis of situations to make the right decisions. It is also the process of analyzing and deciphering a person's natal chart by date of birth using astrological knowledge. The date and time of birth form a unique natal chart of a person. It determines a person's destiny, potential, strengths and weaknesses, and what life will be like.

Astrology can be your navigator for a successful life. Take advantage of free and paid consultations of an astrologer. If you know your horoscope, you can greatly reduce the influence of negative energies of the stars.

Accurate predictions can be made with Western classical astrology, Chinese astrology BaZi, Vedic Jyotish. All other predictive practices have nothing to do with astrology.

Free consultation with an astrologer. How to order online?

On this astrology website you can get advice from a professional astrologer. Read below how to do it.

Terms and instructions for a free astrology consultation.

  1. Repost this or another page on a social network, blog, forum, etc. (you can use the buttons at the bottom or left; press "+")
  2. You can use this free astrological consultation only once.
  3. You can ask 1 question. The question should be specific and preferably brief about the situation. Formulate a precise question. You can take a look at the "Services" section to see examples.
  4. It is highly desirable to enter birth data with the exact time of birth. You can also enter an approximate time of birth within an hour. In other cases, the accuracy of the astrological prediction will be lower. Therefore, try to find out the exact time of birth.
  5. At what age can you ask an astrologer yourself: 16+
  6. You can't ask questions about third parties, except: a) close relatives; b) situations where 2 cards are analyzed together - for example, when analyzing compatibility.
  7. Free astrological consultation does not apply to the following questions: a) horoscope of conception for making the best natal chart of the child; b) planning the sex of the child (boy or girl); c) choosing the date of caesarean section for making the best natal chart of the child; d) rectification of the time of birth.
  8. Offer valid from: Available to order now. 
  9. You need to register on the website (if not already registered).
  10. In your Personal Account, click "Add natal chart" (if there is no such card in your account yet). Enter birth details.
  11. Under the added natal chart, click "Add consultation". Write your question to the astrologer. If necessary, add a brief description of your situation.
  12. Also note that this consultation is free.
  13. Also write the address of the page where you reposted it. – Best Horoscope. Natal chart. Free horoscopes. Astrology.
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