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How can you find out the exact horoscope for the year according to your date of birth?

Rating the accuracy of horoscopes and predictions for the future. Calculating the online horoscope for the year by date of birth. Types of horoscopes

Reading a horoscope has become a common activity for modern people. This is facilitated by the age of the internet and especially by mobile gadgets. But what about the accuracy of horoscopes? Do users get the right and necessary information to improve their lives based on?

What is a horoscope? What kinds of horoscopes are there?

A horoscope is an attempt to predict the future and events for a person based on the natal birth chart and the energies that are active now or will be active in the future. Which energies will act on a person is determined by the position of the planets and the Qi energies.

A natal chart of destiny is a graphic representation of the energies that were present at the time of a person's birth. In western astrology it would consist of the planets, constellations and zodiac signs. In Chinese astrology bazi, the chart of fate would be in the form of 8 hieroglyphs, which are divided in pairs. Such hieroglyphs in the natal chart denote the energies that were given at the time of birth.

  • Horoscopes can be classified according to the system of prediction. The best known, most popular and most accurate are Western and Chinese astrology.
  • Horoscopes can also be divided into general and personal. Personal horoscopes are calculated for a particular person by the full date of birth. General horoscopes can be found in newspapers, magazines and on internet sites. Such astrological predictions are usually based on the year of birth only and cannot be considered accurate.
  • Who makes the horoscope: made by a person (astrologer) or by a computer programme. Many online horoscopes can be found on the internet, which are calculated by a computer programme based on the date of birth entered. Such a programme also uses the rules and principles of astrology. Of course, it may not be able to take into account all the nuances of your chart of fate as an astrologer does, but still such predictions are quite accurate. You can use such an online horoscope, which uses a person's full date of birth, to make predictions for the year and month.
  • The spheres of life for which horoscopes are compiled. Depending on this parameter, they can be divided into: full horoscopes that cover as many areas of life as possible; love horoscopes (especially popular); forecasts for the year for finance, money, work, career and business; horoscopes for children; and others.

How to choose an accurate horoscope?

How to choose an accurate horoscope?

The description of horoscope types already gives clues, on the basis of which one can already draw conclusions about the accuracy of prediction. Let's make a small algorithm of choices.

  1. Choose horoscopes compiled by either Western or Chinese astrology. They will be more accurate. Vedic astrology and numerology are other options to consider. The others are less trustworthy.
  2. The best way to get an accurate horoscope is to contact a professional astrologer. The horoscope will be made just for you and not for a group of people, as is the case with general horoscopes.
    Next in the ranking of accuracy are online predictions calculated by a computer program.
    In third place would be the general horoscopes placed on the internet or in printed publications. Clearly, they are the most accessible because they are free. But should one read them? And who makes them? If you see that they give an accurate prediction, you can use them. But if such astrological predictions don't do any good, then there is no point in using them. Such general horoscopes can even hinder a person in making good decisions.
  3. If you opt for a personal horoscope, you need to choose the right astrologer. To do this, study the information about the astrologer, website, reviews and prices.

It is your choice which horoscope calculation method to use.

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