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Astrological consultation online. List of services for astrology consultation. The cost of astrological consultation.

List of services of a professional astrologer. Approximate prices for astrological consultation. Book a consultation on astrology and bazi. How to book a consultation with an astrologer?

Below is a list of astrology services. It contains sample questions (it is difficult to list all areas of life). You may have your own individual questions. Classical Astrology and Bazi (Chinese Astrology, the 4 Pillars of Destiny and Fortune).

Consultation with an astrologer. How to order a consultation?

  1. Decide what questions you want answered. Choose the ones that interest you most.
  2. Next step. Find out the cost of the consultation. To do this, send a message using: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can also see approximate prices for astrological consultation on the page "Cost of the consultation".
  3. If the cost is suitable, see the following points.
  4. Register on the website (if not already registered).
  5. Add a natal chart (birth data) in your personal account.
  6. Add consultation.
  7. After agreeing on the cost, you need to pay for the consultation.
  8. If I need to, you will be asked questions via one of the messengers.
  9. After clarifying all the necessary points, I proceed to the analysis of the natal chart and writing a forecast. This will take some time - 1-3 business days.
    Upon completion of the work, you will receive written answers in your Personal Account.
  10. When the astrological forecast is ready, I will send you a notification.

List of astrological services. What questions to ask an astrologer?

01 The natal chart. General analysis of the natal chart of destiny.

  • Human luck. Analysis and decoding of the initial natal chart of destiny. What kind of destiny is given to a person by nature? Which areas of the natal chart are successful and which are problematic. What do you need to pay attention to?
  • A general analysis of selected areas of human life. Analysis and decoding of the initial natal chart of destiny is done for individual areas of life. For example, if a person wants to know what is the fate in the area of health, finances, love life, etc. What is the luck in the chosen sphere of life in general?

02 Prediction and horoscope for the 10-year period by natal chart.

Can be general or for a specific area of life.
Life is divided into large 10-year periods according to the natal chart. They determine the general background of favorability or unfavorability for different spheres of a person's life. The influence of the 10-year cycle is stronger than the influence of a year.

  • General horoscope for the 10-year period according to the natal chart. The overall effect of the 10-year period on a person's natal chart. Find out in which areas of life there may be difficulties or good fortune. Depending on this, recommendations are given on what to pay attention to during this period.
    You can also order an additional analysis by year of the 10-year period.
  • Horoscope for the 10-year cycle for a particular area of life. You can find out the 10-year cycle forecast for a specific area of a person's life (work, relationships, finances, etc.).
    You can also additionally order an analysis by years of the 10-year period in different spheres of life. For example, the 10-year period sets the general horoscope, but in specific years the situation may change.

03 Horoscope and prediction for a particular year or several years.

Can be general or for a specific area of life.

  • General horoscope and forecast for the year according to the natal chart. The general influence of the year on a person's natal chart is examined. It is clarified in which areas of life there may be difficulties, and in which favorable. What should one expect in a particular year? When will good fortune come? In which areas should one reduce activity?
  • Horoscope for the year for a particular area of life. You can find out the prediction for the year for a specific area of a person (work, business, health, finances, love life, etc.).

04 Love Relationships. When will a man/woman meet for a relationship? Compatibility. Divorce, etc.

  • When will there be a man/woman meeting for a long-term relationship/marriage?
  • Compatibility in a couple and marriage by date of birth. It is necessary to analyze the natal charts of both partners.
  • How many official marriages can there be?
  • What type of relationship is appropriate: formal or informal marriage?
  • Difficulties in love relationships, in marriage. Quarrels with my husband/wife/partner. Will there be or not? In what period of time? When will it end?
  • Does a man want to get married, to propose to a woman?
  • Divorce. Identification of periods in which the risk of divorce increases.

05 Childbirth. Conception. Pregnancy.

Astrology can help in the matter of having children. If there have been or are problems in these areas, astrology can look at good periods for having children.

  • Problems with conceiving a child. Here it is necessary to look at the natal charts of both partners. And also first you need to find out what the doctors say about it. If the natal chart has a conflict for conception, the astrologer can choose a good period for the birth of a child.
  • When is childbirth well supported in the natal chart? When is it favorable? From your natal chart, an astrologer can determine the years when childbirth is well-supported. In such periods, having children is more favorable.
  • Pregnancy. How will the pregnancy go? Choosing the best period.
    If there were unsuccessful pregnancies, the astrologer can choose good periods for future pregnancies.
  • Horoscope for conceiving a child. Planning a child by horoscope. Choosing the child's birth period for the best fate of the newborn.
  • Choosing a cesarean section date for the good fortune of the baby. The correct date of birth is very important. It determines whether a person will be successful, rich, happy, healthy, or have problems in certain areas of life.
    If it is possible to choose a good date of birth for a child, why not take advantage of it?
  • Determining/planning the gender of the baby (boy or girl). There are 3 options for planning the sex of a child:
    1. The sex of the child can be told with a high probability.
    2. The probability of a boy being born is higher than a girl (or vice versa).
    3. There are situations where the year well supports the birth of both a boy and a girl. In such cases it is difficult to say unambiguously.

06 Finance, money.

Answers to questions about finances in your natal chart and horoscope.

  • Favorable or unfavorable for finances according to the natal chart.
  • Favorability or unfavorability for finances in the 10-year period.
  • Financial success in certain years. Financial horoscope for the year.
  • Periods for successful financial investments.
  • Periods when you need to be more careful about financial spending.
  • Financial difficulties. When will it end?

07 Job. Business. Profession and field of activity according to the natal chart.

  • A profession suitable for maximum self-fulfillment.
  • The field of activity (where you need to work, in which area of business).
  • Is it suitable to be in business? (In general or in a particular period)
  • Official or remote/unofficial employment.
  • Will starting your own business be successful? When is the best time?
  • Problems with work. Dismissal.
  • Career growth. Successful job search.

08 Health. Physical activity.

Health issues in general and for specific periods. What to pay attention to. Favorable periods for treatment and clinic visits.

  • Health according to the natal chart in general. What to pay attention to.
  • Health in 10-year periods. Horoscope of physical condition for the year.
  • When is the right time to start treatment and deal with the problem?
  • Periods in which it is better not to overwork and limit physical activity.

09 Rectification / clarification of the hour of birth.

Without accurate birth data, it is impossible to construct a correct natal chart. Without an accurate natal chart, it is difficult to make a correct astrological prediction. Therefore, in order to make an accurate horoscope, you need to know the hour of birth.

  • Rectification the hour of birth. This is the most difficult task. For this, the astrologer needs to analyze a lot of information.
  • Clarification of the hour of birth. It is used when a certain period of time from the hour of birth is known.

10 Choosing auspicious dates.

Selection of specific auspicious dates for events and actions according to the natal chart.

  • Opening a business, office, store.
  • Concluding deals, signing contracts.
  • Choosing a wedding date.
  • Business trips, flights, travel.
  • Favorable dates for visits to the clinic, for medical procedures, for surgery.
  • Moving to another apartment/home, to another country.
  • Appeals to official structures (court, police, etc.).
  • The best time to talk to your boss.
  • Choosing dates for other cases.

11 Selection of favorable destinations for travel, relocation.

If you have some kind of trip (work, relocation, vacation), you can see how successful this destination is.

  • A favorable direction for a business trip.
  • Favorable direction to move (to another city, country, apartment, house).
  • A favorable direction for travel.

12 Moving. Travel. Business trips. Flights.

  • Will there be a move to another country, city, apartment, house?
  • Will moving to another country be successful? What difficulties might arise?
  • Registration of documents for moving to another country. Getting a visa. When is the best time to do it?
  • Business travel success. Travel in general.
  • Flights. Lucky period. When is the best time not to fly?
  • Danger on the road. Is there a danger of accidents according to the natal chart or in a certain period?
  • A good period for travel, vacation trips.

13 Real estate. Repairs. Construction.

  • When will you buy an apartment or house?
  • Real estate operations: buying, selling.
  • A good period to build a house. When is it better not to build a house?
  • Repairs: auspicious period.
  • Registration of documents for real estate.

14 Learning. Gaining new knowledge and skills.

  • Propensity to learn, to acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Choosing an auspicious period for learning, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and upgrading skills.
  • A good period for exams and tests.

15 Talents, abilities.

This is more of a concern for children. Which activities is the child more inclined to do?

  • Talents and abilities that are given to a person by Nature.
  • Talents and abilities that can manifest at a certain period of life.
  • Sport. Is it possible for a person to play sports professionally (with heavy loads)?
  • The ability to make something with your hands (drawing, playing musical instruments, constructing, etc.).
  • Dance, choreography, gymnastics.
  • Ability to learn languages.
  • The stage, the performing arts.

16 Nervous system. Stressful situations.

17 Helpers. When can you expect help?

18 Relationships with parents, children.

Using your natal chart, an astrologer can determine what kind of relationship you have or will have with your parents or children. When are quarrels possible?

19 Communication. Company of friends.

The natal chart will help to find out a person's level of sociability, conflictedness, ability to express thoughts, oratory.
How does the person behave in the company of friends (male or female)?

20 Proper nutrition, drinking. Weight.

From a natal chart, an astrologer can tell if a person is prone to being overweight, eating improperly, or drinking alcoholic beverages. Determine the best period to lose weight, switch to a proper diet.

The price of astrological consultation.

01 Answers to single questions.

If there is a question or a problematic situation for which you need to know an astrological prognosis, it is better to ask specific questions. It will cost less than making a full horoscope. And you will also be able to get a more accurate and specific answer.
Such questions can be very different: finding a job, moving, financial investments, dating a man/woman for a relationship, divorce, buying real estate, etc.

Price $: from 15

02 Answers to complex questions (expanded version of single questions).

Comprehensive analysis of situations in one area of life: love relationships, work, finances, education, health, etc.

Price $: from 40

03 Initial natal chart. General analysis of the natal chart, auspiciousness and difficulties, potential.

  • Potential, luck, strengths and weaknesses of the person according to the original natal chart. What to pay attention to (favorable and unfavorable factors).
    Price $: from 55
  • General analysis of individual areas of a person's life in accordance with the initial natal chart. If one or more areas of the natal chart need to be analyzed. For example, if a person wants to know what the situation in the natal chart is in the area of marriage and relationships, work or business, etc. What is the luck for that area of life?
    Price $: from 30

04 Forecast for a 10-year period (the general influence of energies on various spheres of human life).

  • Forecast for all areas of the natal chart for a 10-year cycle (general period analysis; forecast for years not included). The general influence of the 10-year period on a person's natal chart is analyzed. Favorability or unfavorability of the period in relation to different spheres of life. Recommendations are given as to what one should pay attention to.
    In addition, you can order a horoscope by years of the 10-year period to know the periods when there will be a strengthening or weakening of energies.
    Price $: from 60
  • An astrological forecast for a 10-year period (or more) in a certain area of life. If you don't need to know everything at the moment, but are only interested in a certain area of life (marriage, relationship with your husband/partner, work, finances, etc.).
    Price $: from 20

05 Forecast / horoscope for a particular year or several years.

  • Horoscope for the year (favorable or unfavorable influence of the energies of the year on different areas of life). The general effect of the year on a person's life and the different areas of life. In what areas should we expect success and where can we expect difficulties?
    Price $: from 50
  • Horoscope for the year for a particular area of life.
    Price $: from 15

06 Compatibility in couples, marriage. Love compatibility. Compatibility of business partners, parents and children, etc.

Price $: from 30

07 Choosing a profession by date of birth for maximum fulfillment, income, enjoyment.

Price $: from 15

08 Horoscope of conception for the best natal chart for a child.

Price $: 120

09 Choosing a cesarean section date for the good fortune of the baby.

A person cannot choose one's date of birth and consequently one's destiny. But some parents can do it for their child. Take the opportunity to choose the best destiny for your child!

Price $: 150

10 Problems with childbirth. Problems with conception, termination of pregnancy.

Price $: from 50

11 Planning the gender of a child.

Price $: 100

12 Choose an auspicious date for events, actions, etc. to increase your luck.

Price $: from 15

13 Rectification/clarification of the time of birth.

You can't get an accurate astrological forecast if you don't specify your time of birth. Therefore, try to find out the hour of birth. This is important because birth time rectification is complicated and expensive.

  • Birth time rectification.
    Price $: from 150
  • Clarification of the time of birth. It is used when a certain period of birth is known.
    Price $: from 50 – Best Horoscope. Natal chart. Free horoscopes. Astrology.
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