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Choosing a profession for children according to their natal chart. Free. How to choose the right profession?

Find out for free which profession to choose for your child. How can you choose a profession based on the natal chart? Selecting a profession according to your horoscope for free.

Choosing a career for a child is a joint effort between children and parents to find the most suitable occupation. The most important criteria that an occupation must fulfil can be identified:

  1. The profession must be desirable for the child.
  2. There must be sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities for the chosen profession.
  3. The occupation must be in demand on the labour market.
  4. The possibility of self-realisation in the profession.
  5. The chosen occupation must provide financially for the individual.

All good parents are concerned about their children's future. And this amounts to a whole set of issues: health, personal life, self-fulfilment, financial independence and, of course, working in a good profession. Because work occupies a large part of our lives. Our occupation affects not only our financial well-being, but also our psychological comfort, our importance in society and our socialisation. Parents, therefore, need to pay attention so that their children get the best profession that suits them. The ideal profession should bring financial well-being, pleasure and fulfilment, and be useful to society.

So how do you choose the right future profession for your children? Let's look at the main points in this article.

Page content:

  1. The importance of choosing the right profession, activity and job.
  2. Popular recommendations for parents and children for choosing a career.
  3. Traditional methods and ways to choose the best profession for a child.
  4. The original and accurate way to choose the right occupation for children according to the natal chart and horoscope.
  5. Find out for free suitable occupations for your child for self-fulfilment and financial luck.

"A profession should be an act of love from the outset. Not a marriage of convenience."
Haruki Murakami (1949) Japanese writer, translator

The importance of choosing the right profession, activity and job.

If you are reading this page, you are probably a parent trying to find out about the best profession for your children. Or perhaps you want to choose what is best for your child to study for his or her future profession and job.

I think you understand the importance of choosing the right profession. But you should talk to your children, preferably with concrete examples. You should tell them that in adulthood, most people spend 30-50% of their time working. Not only financial comfort but also psychological comfort will depend on the right choice of profession. What will happen to a person, if every day to perform the activities that do not like? And if a person enjoys an activity, he or she will not only get money from it, but also enjoy it.

You can also share with the children how you chose your profession. What influenced your choice? Was it a good choice or did you have to change careers?

It is better to decide on a profession right away than to waste time later on getting a new one. Yes, a person can change several professions. But it will be better, when such professions are close to the first basic training. For example, if a person has an engineering education, after a little training, he/she will be able to work in related fields or engineer in another field.

What is a popular recommendation for parents and children on career choices?

  • Understand that you and your children are different. They live in a different era. So you should not "copy" your life or ideas of life onto them.
  • But also don't go to the other extreme - let it go on their own and let them choose for themselves. Many children need to be controlled and pushed. That's why you have to unite to achieve a better result. The goal is the same - a good future for your children.
  • It is better to take care of your child's career guidance earlier than later. In this case, it is possible to identify several areas of interest and see which one your child likes best. And the intended future profession will also determine what to study in depth and what additional classes to take.
  • Observe children regarding their preferences, interests, abilities and skills. For example, a child prefers to do tasks alone and the level of sociability is at an average level. This child should therefore not be recommended for occupations which involve publicity and communication.
  • Parents should study analyses of the demand for professions and what professions will be needed in the future. It probably does not make much sense to get a profession for which there is competition of 10 people for one job. But such professions should also be considered. If a child shows good knowledge in the subject and a strong desire to work in this field, then why not. It should be understood that it may be difficult to get a job and the person will have to try harder to get the job.
  • A child may change his/her preferences in terms of occupations and extra curricular activities. This is normal. You should therefore be flexible and not force your child. But you have to find out the reasons for this reluctance. The reason may be the mentor or the team.
  • It is useful to ask your child how he or she imagines the job and the working day? There are people who don't like working for someone else and being in the workplace all the time. In the age of the internet, many freelance and remote working professions have emerged.
  • Assess the feasibility of acquiring an education in your chosen profession. What difficulties may arise and can they be resolved?

Traditional methods and techniques for choosing the best profession for a child.

Traditional ways of choosing future careers for children are often used. And of course they should be used. Although there are other methods, which will be described below. The best option is to use a holistic approach. Let's look at the main ways of determining a future profession.

What does the primary source say?

Ask your child about his/her desired profession first. Then start testing and contacting a counselling centre. It would be strange to choose a profession for a child without his/her participation and opinion.

In the first stage, use conversation and observation. Let the child express his/her wishes about the profession. It doesn't matter how many choices there are. The next step is to give your child more information about these professions, pointing out both their advantages and disadvantages. Also take a parental look to see if your child has enough qualities and talents for the profession he/she wants to choose. Can the right attributes be developed or will they be difficult to achieve?

It is also recommended to give not only textual and visual information about a profession, but also to try to show it in practice. Nowadays, there are many "occupational towns" where children can be introduced to different kinds of activities.

Vocational testing and counselling.

Older children can take a career test. As a result, it is possible to find out which types of profession are best suited to your child. However, you should not rely entirely on such tests, especially free online tests on the internet.

There are also specialised career counselling companies that professionally advise both children and adults on the right choice of career. There are many specialists who use tried-and-tested methods for choosing a career path. You must pay a fee for such services. Read the reviews of such centres. Should it be used? Will it give a better result than other ways?

6 types of occupations in the traditional classification.

This allocation is based on the types of interactions at work.

  • Type of interaction: Human. These professions should be chosen by people who like to communicate, interact with people, have no difficulties in contact with people, and have a natural need to communicate.
  • Type of interaction: Nature (animate or inanimate). Such people like to interact with nature in general. They are interested in the world of plants, caring for animals. But professions in this field will require knowledge in more than just natural sciences.
  • Type of interaction: Technique. Here too, everything is clear. The person is good at interacting with the technique, the tools.
  • Type of interaction: Sign system. This person likes to interact with signs, information, drawings, numbers, tables.
  • Interaction type: Artistic imagery. Such children can be distinguished by their creative abilities. These can include the ability to draw, dance, sing, and more.
  • Type of interaction: Self-actualization. For such people an important goal in life is to realize themselves in something, to show themselves, to achieve high results. Examples of this type are: politicians, athletes and others.
It should be noted that it is difficult to draw a clear line between the types of occupations. The same profession may have interactions with different types. But even if a child belongs to two types, it already helps to narrow it down.

An original and accurate way to choose a profession for children according to their natal chart and horoscope.

Yes, with the help of astrology and a child's natal birth chart, one can find out the right type of profession for maximum self-fulfilment and financial success. Few people get the idea of finding a suitable profession from their horoscope. But such knowledge can immediately direct a person to the right path.

Information on a person's natal chart.

Not everyone is familiar with the terms "natal chart", "fate and life chart" and "Bazzi fate chart". So let's give a brief explanation. Here the meaning of the word " chart" can be considered in terms of information and the ability to navigate through it. And the word "natal" means related to the moment of birth.

That is, the unique energies and positions of the planets are present at the time of a person's birth. All this is 'written down' in a person's natal chart. And this will determine a person's destiny and life path. Predictive practices are used to decipher the natal chart of destiny. The most popular of these are Western and Chinese astrology.

To draw up a natal chart and display it graphically, you need to find out a person's date of birth with the time of birth. The fate chart is then constructed on the basis of astrological rules.

Next, the natal chart must be deciphered. This will be the horoscope of a child or an adult. As a result, we will get information about the person's original destiny and potential. And we can also see the life path of a particular person. The natal chart has indications as to what type of profession suits the person best, what is the situation with work, finances, etc. You can also do an online horoscope calculation for the year and month.

Choosing the right profession with the help of astrology.

There are 5 energies: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of these energies has its own characteristics. This is the same principle used to divide the professions into 5 types. Next, you need to identify the element of the profession in your natal chart.

If there is a confluence of elements in the destiny chart, the occupation element may change. In such a case, a person will be able to choose from two or three types of professions. Remember, there are people who have been successful in several professions. But such people may find it more difficult to choose their desired profession.

Usually, when defining a good profession, characteristics and examples of several professions are given. This is because it is not realistic to list all professions. And knowing which criterion is used you can analyse the profession of interest.

Find out suitable occupations for a child from a natal chart.

Free consultation.

  1. Status: free of charge.
  2. Duration: permanent.
  3. Child's age: 0 to 17 years (inclusive).
  4. Children: Only for 1 child (your child).
  5. Subject of the free consultation: Profession for the child according to his/her date of birth, which is suitable for self-fulfilment and success.
  6. Indicate (preferably): aptitudes, talents, abilities. What does the child like to do? What does he/she want to become? Your opinion on the choice of future profession for the child.

For a free calculation you need:

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  2. You need to register on the website (if not already registered).
  3. In the Personal account: Add a child's birth card, if you have not already done so. You will need to enter the date of birth and place of birth. You will also need to enter the time of birth.
  4. Add consultation. Write your question and a description of it here. Write that the consultation is free of charge. Also write the address of the page where you reposted it.
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