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Read the horoscopes for the year online. The accurate horoscope by date of birth.

Predictions for the year and month will be calculated on many areas of a person's life.

Calculate your own horoscope for a year by date of birth.

The result is displayed as a list. The colour indicates a favourable or unfavourable result.

  • Green color indicates the favorableness of the horoscope for a given area of life. You may get a good period in your life. Therefore, you need to be proactive and seize the moment.
  • The colour red indicates that difficulties are likely to arise in these areas of life. You need to pay attention to these areas of life, not to be very active and to be more careful.
  • The percentages (%) indicate the intensity of the energies in a person's natal chart.

Remember that the energies of the year will always be stronger than the energies of the month. Therefore, first of all, you should be guided by the horoscope of the year.

Astrological predictions for the year can be calculated for a woman, a man or a child by their date of birth. Various horoscope systems can be used for this purpose. These can be:

  • classical astrology;
  • chinese astrology bazi (chinese or eastern horoscope);
  • vedic astrology;
  • horoscope by zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces);
  • chinese horoscope by year of birth (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig);
  • numerology and others;
  • for every month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Many people have thought about their destiny and would like to know their future. Forecasting astrology states that this is possible. Many strands of esotericism deal with fortune telling and natal chart calculation. Some of the major ones include: Western astrology, Chinese astrology Bazi, Vedic astrology Jyotish.


Horoscope and natal birth chart.

A birth chart is a plan of how a person can fulfil themselves in life, what potential is given by destiny and what needs to be done to achieve maximum success. All of this can be found out by calculating a person's natal chart from their date of birth. By "reading" a person's natal chart, an astrologer can tell one's potential, talents and future. Astrology can identify successful and unsuccessful periods in life, financial situation, health, relocation and so on.

It is believed that a person cannot change destiny. But if an astrologer deciphers your natal birth chart, you can make adjustments to your destiny. Such knowledge will help to increase the number of fortunate situations and reduce the number of failures.

What can a person learn from a horoscope and natal birth chart?

  1. General analysis of the natal chart of destiny.
    A person's potential. Identification of successful areas of life. What are the problematic aspects of life? What to pay attention to. General analysis of individual areas of life (relationships, work, money, health, etc.).
  2. Deciphering the horoscope according to the natal chart for a specific year.
    General forecast. How will the energies of the year affect a person's natal chart? Personal horoscope for a year in a specific area of ​​​​life. What is favorable to do in the year, and what is not favorable? Where will good fortune await and where might difficulties arise?
  3. Forecast for a 10-year period according to the birth chart.
    General forecast. Astrological prediction for a specific area of ​​life (work, education, relationships, moving, etc.).
  4. Analysis of love life and relationships. Family, marriage, compatibility, etc.
    Identification of favourable periods for dating a man/woman for a long-term relationship/marriage. Male and female compatibility by date of birth. How many marriages can there be? Would an official or unofficial marriage be better? What will your relationship with your husband/wife be like? When could there be quarrels and conflicts? Is there a risk of divorce in the future?
  5. Money and finance.
    Is there financial luck in the natal chart? What will be the 10-year periods regarding money? Financial prediction for the year and months. When will be good periods for financial investments? Periods when the probability of financial losses is high. When will financial difficulties end?
  6. Job. Profession and field of activity.
    Choosing a profession that is best suited by date of birth. What is the best area to work in? Which occupation will be more successful? Successful and unsuccessful business periods. Is a formal job suitable? Or is freelancing, remote work, flexible hours, etc. better? Can there be redundancies? When is the best time to change jobs? When can you get a promotion at work? The right time to look for a job.
  7. Issues related to childbirth.
    Problems with conception. Is it possible to choose a period to conceive a child successfully? When is childbirth well supported? Can the gender of the baby be planned? Are there problems for pregnancy in the birth chart? Choosing an favourable period for pregnancy. Horoscope of conception. Choosing the date of caesarean section for the child's good fortune.
  8. Health.
    Questions relate to the area of health in the natal chart in general and in specific periods. What to pay attention to. Which organs should be paid attention to? Choosing a favourable period for treatment.
  9. Education. Acquiring new knowledge and skills.
    Do you have the ability to learn? When is the right time to improve your knowledge, skills
  10. Talents and abilities that are given by nature.
    Which talents should be developed? Are professional sports suitable? Talents and abilities to do something with your hands (drawing, embroidery, playing musical instruments, etc.) Physical creativity: gymnastics, dance, choreography, etc. Do you have an aptitude for languages? Aptitude for studying theatre arts.
  11. Choosing favourable dates for events and activities.
    Choosing dates for business. The best days to sign contracts. Choosing a good date for marriage. Choosing a date for a business trip, travel, flight etc. Dates related to health: for going to clinic, for surgery, for medical manipulations etc. When is the best time to move to a new flat? When is the best time to move to another country? Selecting dates for other occasions.
  12. As well as many other predictions to improve your life.

What are the benefits of astrology and the horoscope?

Most people have a desire to know the future. What is the best way to deal with this or that situation? How will this or that situation be resolved? Astrology can provide answers to such questions. Most people are afraid of the unknown. But knowing what the future may hold for you, you will feel more confident and be able to make the right choice. A natal chart interpretation by an astrologer will give you more information to understand your fate, potential and ability to make the right choices. This is when information is more valuable than gold.

Astrology consultation is the main source of knowledge about a person's destiny and future. Of course, an astrologer cannot make a prediction to the smallest detail (no one knows that). But astrology can help you know the general vector of life, the "black and white stripes", when good fortune is to be expected and when there will be difficulties.

People live with the natal chart (line of destiny) that was formed at the time of birth. Life will also be influenced by the energies that come in time (year, month, day). Doing the right thing at the right time will increase the positive outcome of your efforts!

Astrology can show a person 'the way', but they need to act for themselves. Use the knowledge that an astrologer's consultation can give you to reach maximum potential and improve your life!

Best Free Horoscope 2022,2023. Calculate accurate horoscopes by date of birth. Natal chart + December, January

Free online horoscope calculator by date of birth for 2022,2023 + monthly. Calculate accurate predictions for the future. Natal chart. Astrological predictions. + December, January

Best Horoscope, Natal chart, Free horoscopes, Bazi astrology
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